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Wells Asset Management is providing a socially impactful  investment for its clients.


The Wells Rebel Freedom Fund

The Rebel Freedom Fund is directed at investors seeking to save for retirement or in retirement that desire modest, regular, steady income. It is intended to be suitable for anyone who wishes to participate in both a financial and ideologically based investment.

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Help the Rebel Grow

Dale Wells, CEO of Wells Asset Management is a strong personal supporter of The Rebel, and saw a way to blend his professional financial acumen with the moral and ethical values he holds dear as a proud Canadian. Enter the Wells Rebel Freedom Fund. An RRSP eligible income fund with a modest rate of return on on invested capital... and substantially geared to investing in Rebel projects such as film and television style programming, on-line apps, and even real estate related projects such as studios. This is a unique approach to helping the Rebel grow, while at the same time providing you with a financial return on your moral and ethical Rebel-based investment.